Bali Paradise of Indonesia

If you are planning your trip to Bali, then its best to have some information about its climatic conditions. Since Bali has a tropical climate, the temperature throughout the year is not more than 26 degrees Celsius. The dry season starts from April till September and the wet season from October till March, and the best time to be there is from May to August, when the sun shines bright and the uninvited drizzle keeps the climate cool.

Bali Paradise

Water sport lovers, just should miss this place. Bali offers world class scuba diving experience, there are special schools where one could learn scuba diving. The coral reefs are purely untouched and display a wide range of sea life, never seen before even on Discovery Channel. If you like to see the corals, then make sure that you take a trip to Nusa Penida. This beach also offers various other water sports options. For people who are more adventurous, can go rafting in the Ayung river or try some mountain cycling. Walking in rice paddies is also a wonderful experience.

Bali is one of very few places of Indonesia dominated by the Hindus, who celebrate all Hindu festivals and have retained all Hindu traditions.  Coming to the food options, Bali offers all cuisine right from Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Moroccan and even Mexican. One should not forget to try the sumptuous Grilled Lobsters specially served with a typical Balinese sauce.

For those who are not so adventurous type and like being spoilt and pampered, then Bali is where you should head to. Apart from the beautiful resorts like any other beach destination, you will also find beach villas. These villas are well equipped, some with private pool, trained cooks, maids and house boys, who just don’t leave any effort to pamper you. Hiring a private villa could be a much cheaper and cozier experience for those who are on a honeymoon and need some intimacy. Just like Mauritius and Maldives, getting married in Bali is also possible.

We hope that we have truly tried to inspire our readers to pack their bags and head to Bali, and if you indeed enjoyed reading about Bali, then make sure to log on to for more exotic locations.

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What Dishes You Should Never Miss Eating When You’re In Bali

Bali actually is the number 1 place to be in the holidays. It’s not only due to its hypnotizing beaches with waters teeming with a rich variety of marine life, or the lush carpet of rice fields unfurling as far as the eye can see or the marvellous puzzles that only a culture so exotic can offer. It’s also because of the things that many folks often take for granted, like the Balinese who are always willing to lend a grin and a helping hand to travellers, or the food. The food is clearly one of the finest things about Bali. Check out some of the best offerings they have.

1. Babi Guling

Babi guling, or suckling pig crammed with a variety of spices and roasted over slow fire on a spit, is the most sumptuous dish you should not miss when you travel to Bali. The contrast of textures is simply a pair made in heaven. Its crunchy skin cracks ever so loudly as it breaks off like a piece of glass from the babi guling’s body, while the meat has a soft, melt-in-your-mouth goodness that is nothing like the brittleness of the skin.

2. Nasi Goreng

If you’d like to know how the Balinese eat their food, then sample a dish of nasi goreng at one of the roadside warungs located everywhere. Nasi goreng is fondly referred to as the official dish of Bali as it is served everywhere and is eaten everywhere by everybody at anytime of the day. This sumptuous dish is made from a mound of steaming hot fried rice topped by a spread of meat, plants and fried egg. It’s ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

3. Kaki Lima treats

A kaki lima is a three-wheeled cart pushed by street vendors selling all sorts of street foods. If you’ve never attempted eating from a kaki lima, then you haven’t tried what being a genuine Balinese is really about. The people of Bali like to eat their food as snacks and there certainly is a wide variety of them. A kaki lima can sell anything from lumpia (fried spring rolls), sate (grilled pork or chicken in peanut sauce), pisang goreng (fried banana in lumpia wrappers), mie goreng (fried noodles topped with fried egg) or bakso (spicy meatball soup likely adopted from China).

4. Bubuh Injin

A favorite among youngsters, tourists and just about everyone else is bubuh injin, a black pudding made from black, stiky rice. It is covered in a thick concoction made from coconut milk and pandan and speckled with sugar to enhance the sweetness. Bubuh injin is for everyone. It is served at the kaki limas and the luxurious Bali villas. You can eat bubuh injin hot or cold. Either way, it is still a pleasant pudding all the same.

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Top Five Things You Should Do In Bali

Is there any other place in the world that’s more breathtaking than Bali? This small island found just off the coast of Indonesia was given mile after mile of stunning beaches featuring soft, fine sands and glittering waters, massive expanses of country rolling as far as the eye can see, a rich culture exhibited in its dance, arts and architecture and some of the friendliest people in the entire world. There’s truly no other place that may match the charm of Bali. If you’re planning to fly down to this little island, then don’t forget to do the following.

1. Swim with the fishes.

Bali indisputably has a really diverse marine life, being home to lots of sea creatures ranging from the miniscule to the giant. Don’t miss diving into the warm ocean that surrounds Bali to marvel at the colorful sea life this tropical island boasts of. You will be surprised by the huge range of corals, polyps and other sea creatures that are thriving with life under the water’s surface.

2. Learn how to surf.

The sea that surrounds Bali produces some of the most fantastic waves for riding. Expert surfers flock to this place for some of the finest surfing of their lives. That doesn’t mean you can no longer join the fun. There are several places all over the island where you can enrol in a short surfing course and learn to surf in virtually no time. Whether you are staying in one of the villas in Seminyak or in a homestay in Kuta, there is a surfing school near you.

3. Get pampered.

You’re on a vacation, after all. You should give yourself a big break and relax in one of the a few sumptuous spas that are found in Bali. If you’re staying at a villa, you can request for home service and the therapists will gladly go to you instead of round the other way. Services range all the way from a basic massaging treatments to release stress to a full-blown all-day spa experience that includes nail care, hair care and skin therapy treatments.

4. Climb the summits of Bali.

Everything appears just a bit bit prettier when seen from the top of a mountain, doesn’t it? In Bali, that also rings true. If you find yourself raring for a bit of physical action, you can arrange a climb to the peak of Gunung Batur, an active volcano located at the center of 2 calderas. It is an easy, two hour climb which often starts at 4 o’clock in the morning and ends at the peak around 2 hours later ,, just in time to see the sun bathe the world in the first rays of its surreal morning glow.

5. Watch the sunset at Tanah Lot.

Just a little distance away from the villas of Seminyak, the paranormal temple of Tanah Lot sits on top of a jagged piece of rock that juts out to the sea. It is maintained that the group of sea snakes that continuously swim around Tanah Lot are spirits that were given the task of protecting the temple from harm. Tanah Lot is a wondrous place, not only for the legends surrounding it, but also for the breathtaking scenery that you can get sitting on one of the close by cliffs or at one of the restaurants near Tanah Lot at dusk.

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Visiting The Beaches Of Canggu

The beaches of Bali can be too crowded at times. Because so many tourists flock to this tiny island in Indonesia, the beaches can be too hot and noisy for you to enjoy a peaceful and quiet day just relaxing and slurping ice-cold fruit drinks by the seashore. However , in the sleepy, small village of Canggu just north of glitzy Seminyak, there is a wide expanse of beaches where you can simply lie back and breathe in the freshness of the air without being dogged by street-hawkers and fellow visitors. If you’re staying in one of the luxurious villas that Seminyak is known for, such as Villa Avalon, then be assured you have extremely close access to a couple of the absolute best beaches in all of Bali. Let’s have a look at a number of them.

1. Pererenan Beach

The road to Pererenan Beach from Seminyak has a monumental view of the green country flanking both sides of the road. When you get there, you can simply let go of your worries and bask in the magnificent view of the rocks being lapped up by the giant waves coming in from the Indian Ocean. If you’re itching for a bit more privacy, you can even climb over the rocks and land on a tiny area of sand where you can dip your toes into the ocean.

2. Batu Bolong Beach

Also one of the undisturbed beaches of Canggu is Batu Bolong Beach, where enthusiasts come for the dynamic waves that are perfect for surfers. There are no vestiges of modernity found at Batu Bolong Beach, excepting a hotel and a handful of warungs a few meters away from the hotel. Warungs are small, thatched-roofed stalls owned by locals who sell food, drinks and other refreshments.

3. Echo Beach

In Balinese, Echo Beach is known as Batu Mejan Beach, but because this place is the favourite among travellers in the area, it has gained its own name in English. Nonetheless, Echo Beach still has a more relaxed ambience than almost all of the tourist-packed beaches in south Bali. If you’re the type of person who enjoys a vacation by chomping down on kebabs and Bbq’s with friends while enjoying a cold bottle of beer or two, Echo Beach is the place to be. Also, Echo Beach is home to the famous Echo Restaurant, which serves freshly caught seafood each day. Don’t pass up eating here when you’re at Echo Beach.

4. Berawa Beach

The majority know Berawa Beach, also known as Brawa Beach, as just another tiny beach in Canggu. What the great majority of people don’t know is that a minor distance away from the main beach in Berawa, you can walk into one of the best places to observe a Bali sunset. Ramble down the beach for several meters till you reach a bamboo bridge that crosses a lagoon. Just sitting silently next to the bridge is a tiny warung serving local Balinese dishes and offering one of the finest views in the town. If you’ve been to this place, you’ve seen one of the finest sunsets in the entire world.

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The Right Way To Organise A Beach Wedding In Bali

One of the very best places to hold your marriage is on the picturesque beaches of Bali. Known all around the world for its romantic views and crystal-clear blue waters as well as hospitable folk, a Bali beach is just the right spot for you to get married. Furthermore, readying a beach marriage in Bali isn’t too difficult, because all that you need for your wedding can be found right in this little tropical island that was made precisely for couples who want to tie the knot in one of the prettiest places in the world. You just have to remember this advice.

1. Check the weather.

The weather is just like a girl on her period–totally unpredictable. nevertheless it always pays to anticipate any upcoming storms or other weather disturbances that might come up around the day of your marriage. Thankfully, the weather in Bali is just about always agreeable, so you don’t have to stress about getting drenched in rainwater right in the middle of your marriage vows.

2. Arrange your wedding correctly.

Glaringly, getting wed at 2 o’clock in the afternoon on a beach in a tropical island about right below the equator is not a great idea. Sunburn is the least of your troubles if you plan to let you and your visitors bake under the southern sun. Think about blisters, swelling and other skin problems. If you really must get hitched at around this time, consider exchanging your vows under a shade, maybe in pleasant Avalon Bali villa only a few meters away from the beach or under a garden covered by a nice cove of trees. Nonetheless, if the feeling of sand on your toes is a duty, then arrange your wedding early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The sunrise or sunset background also leads to a romantic view.

3. Think about your guests.

If you’d like to get wed in Bali and you don’t live anywhere close to the island, then you have to inform your guests early. A number of them might not know the way to get there or might not be ready to travel to Bali on such a brief notice. Send your invites at least 2 months before the wedding so your guests have ample time to ease up their diaries for you and to prepare themselves for the beach wedding.

4. Gear up for a pest attack.

Anywhere out in nature is generally prone to a bevy of pests annoying you during your wedding party, so be certain to put that into the equation. Don’t let mosquitoes and other bugs devastate your big day. A simple way to deal with them is to light citronella candles all over the place. They look certainly beautiful if you choose to hold your wedding at dusk.

5. Pick a great place to stay.

You won’t have such a positive memory of your wedding if you choose the wrong place to stay because you will be stressing about all the small things you are not supposed to stress about. Decide on the best accommodations that suit your preferences and ensure that the people running the place understand your wishes and will go out of their way to satisfy them. Remember, you are in Bali for your wedding. The people you stay with must be able to make it as magical as possible for you.

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Celebrating The Religious Festivals Of Bali

At any time in the year, the people of Bali are very likely celebrating one of the many festivals that are spread throughout their wuku calendar. Balinese celebrations are essentially defined by the people’s spiritual beliefs and religious practices. They center on the various Hindu gods and demigods, the spirits of their forefathers and the deities of crop that nourish the earth that provides their food. They can involve animal sacrifices, beautified temples, marches to the sea, the thundering of the gamelan, nights of prayer, sinful banquets and full days of silence.

Visitors are always welcome to join in the festivities. In fact, it’s a Balinese tradition to cheerfully receive people from foreign lands. But it’s also important to comprehend the spirit that moves each and every colourful holiday. Take a look at some of the biggest holidays the natives of Bali celebrate each year.

Melasti . On the day before the Balinese New Year, the locals dress up in their best garments and march to the ocean or the inland springs, taking with them colourful umbrellas, baskets of fruits and flowers and other offerings to honour the powerful waters of the sea. They also carry the 3 sacred statues, Arca, Pratima and Pralingga and wash them with seawater while the men, women and children roar and dance for joy to the music of the gamelan. At night, on the eve of the New Year, the Balinese assemble on the streets to watch a purification ritual in the form of a parade of ogoh-ogoh, enormous monster dolls that symbolize the evil spirits that annual visit the island.

Nyepi . The Balinese New Year is a day of silence, meditation and, for some, fasting. Everybody is expected to stay inside and do some self-introspection after the uproar raised in the previous day’s parties. No fires are lit and no indulgences are satisfied. Even tourists are asked to stay indoors their hotels on this day. All businesses even the lone Balinese airport, are closed and the hostels may provide limited service. It is believed that the evil spirits that have taken up abode in Bali will mistake the silent island for an empty island and will therefore flee, making way for a fresh, new start for the incoming year.

Odalan . An odalan is a temple festival that often lasts a few days to a week. People celebrate odalan for one thing only-to please the deities to whom these temples were built. The churches are decorated with palms leaves, flowers and towers made of bamboo on the day before the official start of the odalan. The festival typically begins with a reflective prayer known commonly as a muspa and is followed by the throwing of rice and holy water by the high priest. Afterwards, it is pure spectacular merrymaking from there, with a lot of dancing, banqueting and parading on the streets.

Galungan. Galungan is the most significant day of the Balinese calendar, as it is assumed that the gods and the spirits of their ancestors come back down to earth on this day and celebrate with them the success of Good (Dharma) over Evil (Adharma). It is like Christmas in the Western parts of the planet. Girls get ready for this important day a month before it comes, weaving intricate patterns of coconut leaves, flowers and brightly-coloured cloth into a bamboo pole that’s put up to the right side of their houses, while men pick their fattest, juiciest pigs to please the palate of the gods and the friends and family who come to dine with them..

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Best Of Bali: Top Five Places To Visit In Bali

There are several reasons to visit Bali as there are heavenly lights on a star-spangled night. Being a tiny retreat off the coast of Indonesia doesn’t set this hotspot for natural and cultural spots back a bit. Actually, you can drive up and back down the coast in a single day and can still look forward to fresh and unusual experiences in the subsequent several months. There’s no argument about it. Bali is a mishmash of charming country, crystal, blue beach water teeming with colourful marine life, enigmatic Hindu rituals and an interesting culture endemic to the island.

If you’re planning to fly to Bali anytime soon, do not forget to check out at least one of the following sights. A number of them are made for visitors, so expect numerous fellow sightseers scrambling to get some pictures of the place. Others aren’t as developed as the typical jet-setter would like, but they are excellent for finding peace and relaxation amidst the busy island whose economy depends mostly on the existence of tourists.


Kuta is the economy traveler’s go-to destination. Although things have lain low somewhat since the bombings in 2002, Kuta still is one of the top spots for hikers and families on vacation. Expect a little bit of heckling from sidewalk vendors and shopkeepers selling dodgy surf gear and contraband DVDs, but a tiny “No thanks” can shoo them away. Kuta fully compensates for itself as you walk to the beach, which is still one of the best sights in the entire island, with pearly-white sea water pounding on shores of soft sunlit sand.


If you’re eager to get away from the frantic beach scene in Kuta, head to central Bali instead and bask peacefully in the cultural masterpieces of Ubud. All around the locality, you may visit Hindi churches, museums and the palace of the Balinese imperial family that feature Ubud’s historic and architectural importance to Bali. You can get a seat at one of the profuse dance-and-music shows followed by a sumptuous and healthy meal of Balinese dishes made from ingredients purchased at the local marketplace. Though Ubud is quickly growing to absorb neighboring places, there are still a lot of knackered little towns snuggled noiselessly in the middle of lush rice fields.

Nusa Lembongan

Become a tropical beach bum for an entire week at Nusa Lembongan, a comparatively less touristy island off the main island. Little has been done to mold Nusa Lembongan into the traveller entanglement that’s usually Kuta and Ubud, which makes it the perfect place for chilling out by the seashore without having to fend off hawkers and street vendors. The sand is frosty-white in Nusa Lembongan and the water is a clear azure blue, making swimming, surfing, snorkeling and diving the best things to do in this particular part of Bali.

Gunung Agung

Soaring into the clouds above Bali is Gunung Agung, an active volcano and the tallest point in the island. The volcano’s western side is surrounded by healthy greenery thanks to the rainwater created by the wind coming from the Indian Ocean, but the eastern side is a little arid and barren. Near Gunung Agung’s summit is Pura Besakih, called the mother church and the most significant Hindu shrine in the entire Bali. To Pura Besakih there are several routes that can be taken, but only people who are physically fit are rewarded the breathtaking scenarios that wait at the very top of the mountain.


Luxury is the name of the game in Seminyak. What used to be a little backcountry town has evolved into the preferred Bali destination for Hollywood nobles and the rest of the rich and famous. Prices are, inarguably, higher in this particular part of the island, but are still less expensive than anything you can spend on luxury abroad. The place is stuffed with first-class restaurants offering exotic international cuisines, top of the range shop specialised shops selling big-name brands and upmarket spas and health centers that provide a collection of services, ranging from the normal Balinese massages to newer, hipper treatments.

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A Traveler’s Self-help Guide To Bali Hotel Accommodation

Bali Villa


The almost paradise-like island of Bali can be regarded as one among Indonesia’s most popular holidaymaker destinations. Often known as “The Island of the Gods”, Bali has stunning, sandy beaches, sculpted hills and mountains, and exquisite temples that even less-spiritual travelers would actually appreciate. These and much more are a several many reasons why Bali is probably the most desired places in Asia.

The region of Bali unquestionably offers a number of the finest accommodations in Indonesia. In case you are truly trying to find an inexpensive Bali hotel accommodation, it will be best if you take off for Kuta, that is a small community in which the majority of hotels only charges approximately $45 to $120 per night. Here are a few of Kuta’s bargain hotels: Febri’s Hotel and Spa, Green Garden Hotel, Santika-Kuta Bali Hotel, 100 Sunset Boutique Hotel, and Berry Hotel.

In case you are born using a silver spoon with your mouth and you want a truly grand Bali hotel accommodation, then the towns of Seminyak, Nusa Dua, and Ubud are going to fit you well. These places feature the big most Bali’s most stunning and high-ranking accommodations, including Seminyak’s gorgeous hotels such as the Samaya Bali Villa, Villa Air Bali Boutique Resort & Spa, Surf Haven Bali, The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa, The Oberoi Bali, The Kayana Bali, Bali Island Villas & Spa, Le Jardin Boutique Villa, and The Amala.

If  it’s a Bali hotel accommodation in Nusa Dua that you simply prefer, rich hotels for example the Bale, St. Regis Bali Resort, Jimbaran Puri Bali by Orient-Express, Ayana Resort & Spa, and Amanusa offer some of Indonesia’s essentially the most glorious pristine beaches. Excellent accommodations abound in Ubud at the same time. Rich hotels in Ubud include Four Seasons Resort Bali, Viceroy Bali, The Royal Pita Maha, Komaneka at Tanggayuda, and Komaneka at Monkey Forest.

You will find three currencies that Bali hotel accommodation prices use – U.S. dollar, Euro, and Rupiah. Prices in U.S. money is the most frequent, while Euros tend to be used only in hotels belonging to European nationals. The Indonesian Rupiah, alternatively, are typically utilized in low-priced hotels.

Generally, Bali hotel cost is determined by the specific destination that you just decide to visit. With that being said, it is recommended that you are doing extra researching and planning in order to truly like a glorious paradise visit Bali.

Finding a Relaxation Technique

Creating Your Own Daily Oasis through Relaxation Meditation

Life in this millennium is usually busy, busy, and busy. Technological inventions such as the cell phone have made people more accessible and therefore, needs are now presented for accomplishing the moment they arise  whereas they would have been delegated to the back burner two decades ago. Keeping one’s temperament and disposition on a strong and steady keel is often difficult when multiple tasks have to be done ASAP. It is therefore important for people to find some respite during the day to unwind and to regroup. Relaxation meditation can provide this respite for people who must battle daily stress and it would be a mistake to assume that only executives and businessmen do so. Excessive pressure and stress have become the constant challenge that even schoolchildren are not exempt from today.

Coping with Stress

Today many people cope with stress by watching television and immersing themselves in a favorite program. Some people sit and read books or the newspaper. Others find deadlier outlets for energies gone haywire by shopping or binging out on sweets. None of these really give the rest needed by a stressed out person.

People who have been rushing back and forth and who have been overly stressed need to find a way to restore balance to their overwrought nervous systems. Relaxation meditation can help correct the discordant rhythms produced by problems and pressures. Through its refined techniques, this particular practice of meditation can bring about what is called the relaxation response, which leads to a calm, centered, and relaxed body and mind.

Finding a Relaxation Technique

There are countless relaxation techniques to meet different needs. The key to using this type of meditation effectively lies in finding out which technique you need to use. If you are agitated, tense, and angry, you need to find a set of exercises that will calm you down. Meditating with the use of serene music and imagery will probably part of the technique that will restore your balance. If stress and pressure make you withdrawn and depressed, your relaxation technique will entail healthy stimulation such as exercise. The goal of relaxation meditation is to reach a state of deep, alert, and active calmness.

Relaxation Techniques in Meditation

A primary technique in meditation to attain relaxation is deep breathing. This means breathing slowly through the abdomen and taking in your full capacity of oxygen. This improved supply of oxygen in itself will begin to relieve stress and anxiety.

Another technique that you can practice is isolating and relaxing the different parts of your body. After you have reached a relaxed state through deep breathing, systematically focus on the different parts of your body starting with your right foot all the way to your face. Center your attention on the part of the body you want to relax and squeeze its muscles while mentally counting from one to ten. Then, relax that part until you can feel it hanging loose. Do this with your left foot then the right and work your way upwards through your calves, thighs, hips and buttocks, stomach, chest, back, arms neck and face. The trick in using this technique well is to isolate the muscle group that you are working with and contract only those muscles. This specific technique will need a doctor’s go signal if you suffer from spasms or muscle cramps.

A similar version of this relaxation technique is to go through the entire body part-by-part and focusing on each part specifically while breathing deeply and imagining the oxygen flowing through that body part.

Visualization is the most commonly used meditation technique to achieve relaxation. To use this, all you have to do is sit quietly and do deep breathing for about two minutes. Then, put yourself in a restful scene of your choice. You may want to be in an island, a forest retreat, or even a cozy room. While you are in that special place, imagine the sensations each of your senses will experience such as the warmth of the sun, a cool breeze, and the sound of birds chirping or the sight of a flock of birds flying home to their nest.

Investing in Relaxation through Meditation

If you often go through stressful days and if you find yourself swamped by too many chores to do, too many decisions to make or too many needs to meet, try relaxation meditation to ease the pressure. Of all the branches of meditation, it is the simplest and the easiest to practice. All you need is your mind, your body and the determination to be kind to yourself. Having these three ingredients, you can create your own physical and mental oasis for the twenty minutes that will mean a brighter, calmer you for the rest of the day.

How To Get To Gili Trawangan Islands Lombok

Bali to Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is one of the 3 Gili Islands located apart Lombok in Indonesia. It’s actually the greatest among the Three and the popular tropical isle in the neighborhood. It’s renowned for fantastic shorelines along with its relaxing surroundings. Everyone check out the tropical island to enjoy their holidays or experience festival events.

Gili Trawangan possesses an estimated population around 800 persons. That draws influx of guests every year. Several years past, this island developed into a nourishing parties arena for many travelers. It has low cost room choices with no monitoring of any sort. You’ll enjoy sufficient Asian foods, outrageous foods, salads and various other edibles while you proceed to the island.
From 2005, Gili Trawangan has continued to look through extensive growth periods. A lot of dining places and also other exciting edifices were constructed. The full island is quickly becoming a new heaven across the world. It’s undoubtedly a destination to have a very good moment in time with your loved ones members.

Getting to Gili Trawangan is always highly possible through Bali. You can actually travel from Bali to Gili Trawangan by the sea and the boat. There are several Gili fast boat solutions that ply through numerous locations of Bali to Gili Trawangan. You just need to to pick any of them that can you there.

Amed Sea Express is among the most touring businesses that offer boat services through Bali to Gilis. You can easily take any of their particular vessels to arive at the vacation destination.

Blue Water Express is actually the perfect boat travel solution to decide on. The corporation features Three fast boats in the cat. They move from Padang Bai Bali to Gili Islands on regular basis at 11:15 AM and returning from Gili Trawangan at 01:30 PM. The charter boats also depart Serangan Harbour in South Bali at 08:00 AM to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air and Lombok. In addition they depart Gili Trawangan at 12:00 PM directly back to Bali.

It’s also possible to move via Bali to Gili Trawangan with Gili-Gili fast boat services. This particular boat will go through routes like Nusa Dua, and Benoa to Gili Trawangan. In addition, it goes back on everyday. Departure period is generally 8:30 AM.

Leaving via Bali to Gili Trawangan is also quite possible thru Gili Cat fast boat services. It is Australian produced boat which will departs Padang Bai Bali at 09:00 AM day-to-day to Gili Trawangan. It also departs Gili Trawangan at 11:30 AM and cruise straight to Bali.

Eka Jaya is yet another fast boat that can take youfrom Bali to Gili Trawangan. It departs Padang Bai to Gili Islands on day after day. Actually it departs Padang Bai Bali at 08:15 AM and arrives at Gili Trawangan at 09:30 AM.

You are able to get from Bali to Gili Trawangan through one of the fast boats talked about earlier. Each boat is equipped with international safety standards. Many of them possess life vests, Gps system and also other safety measures. The fast boats are effective in getting into the locations. You simply have your reservation on-time. You’ll automatically get to Gili Trawangan in complete safety via any of the options explained before. Your ultimate safety is warranted.

How to Get to Gili Islands